Some Tips for write an admission essay

College admission essay, interview and recommendations

Once college admissions officers have reviewed ACT and / or SAT scores and scores, they will finally be ready to determine who you really are and what sets you apart from all other qualified applicants Similar. This is where your essays for college, interviews and letters of recommendation play a key role.

Personal statements and essays on admission to university

In addition to the standard application, the universities you wish to enter may request an essay, a personal statement, or both. The essay is an opportunity for the university to evaluate your writing and your personal communication skills. They are usually assigned specific topics, or sometimes give you the option to choose between several possible topics. Personal statement is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from other applicants, since it allows you to tell the university your experiences and achievements.

In order to write an efficient and competitive essay, consider the following suggestions:
Obtaining forms from previous years can give you some advantage. Questions from the tests the university has done in the past will give you a good idea of ​​what you will probably be asked during the application.

If you have the possibility to choose the theme for the essay, be sure to select one that completely answers the question, while at the same time highlighting your strengths and abilities.
When you answer any of the questions, try to do it in such a way that your answers distinguish you from the other students. Why do you think you will be a contribution to the class? What makes you a unique student?

Make sure you have understood the question well before answering it. What do they ask you and why?
Think well before you answer the question. The possibilities are that they ask you about personal experiences or opinions. It formulates diverse ideas and considers including anecdotes, memories and thoughts related to the subject. Then, choose the idea that most defines your personality and that helps you answer the question more effectively.

It shows how your work or personal experiences shaped or influenced your personality.
Ask your counselor and high school counselor, or even a co-worker, to review your essay and give you suggestions.

Interview for university admissions

Some colleges will ask you to participate in an interview as part of the admissions process. This interview, like the university essay, will also allow you to prove who you really are. It will probably last from 15 to 30 minutes and will let you know more about college, and the university will find out more about you. They may ask questions about your personal interests and the activities you have developed in high school and beyond. Think about the experiences you want to share before going to the interview.
Your letter of recommendation should come from an adult who knows you very well. You may request that you be entered by a teacher, counselor, pastor, guidance counselor of a high school organization, coach, job supervisor, or a coordinator of a volunteer or out-of-school activity. Some colleges require that the letter be submitted along with the application form, while others prefer it to be done separately. Be sure to follow the instructions of each institution. And remember that your application will not be considered complete until you have submitted ALL the required documentation.
Make sure you look for someone in the last year of high school, or about a year before you think about going to college, to see if you can write that letter for yourself. Be sure to give the person the necessary forms and give them good instructions at least one month before the deadline expires. Give a copy of the essay you wrote to the person who will write the letter of recommendation and suggest the points you would like them to include. In addition, hand in an envelope with the address already posted and the postage paid, and thank him for his help both personally and in writing.

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