Short Essay Example

“Religion is a phenomenon that can be explained in terms of several points of view. It can be explained with its own nuance from the need to have a divine mandate and therefore there is no possibility of another explanation. People who oppose this position explain it as part of the ignorance and weakness of the human being.

It can be explained from several angles, for example considering its historical origin, as an anthropological phenomenon or social phenomenon, being that in this way passions do not interfere. Theologians hold their view held in biblical revelation as justification for the existence of the world. From positivism in opposition to theologians, they consider it as a primitive intellectual state for the explanation of the world.

But why man has religion. If we start from psychology we find the concept that affirms the limitation of the human being. Man and woman as a species in its most primitive state already fulfilling their needs and without dangers in sight observes the immensity of the sky and becomes aware of its smallness, which causes a cosmic anguish and seeks to find an explanation for that limitation. He does not understand why he is so small that he is in a giant world, he seeks his purpose and doubts about the meaning of life. Know if finitude and needs to transcend.

Example of scientific essay:

Title: Global warming

“Global warming is due to the significant increase in Earth’s average temperature. It arises when the Industrial Revolution is born, due to the emissions caused by the industry releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

The release of this gas causes the greenhouse effect. Both industry and governments are aware of the problem and begin to deal with this problem, but nothing is enough to reverse the damage. Many investments are needed that can not be solved quickly enough. Meanwhile the problem is getting worse, because its positive effects are not immediate. It will take many years to realize the benefits of such investments “.

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